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I help aspiring programmers enter IT fast so that they can make a big impact in their personal lives and the world!

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Avoid procrastinating when you feel less motivated by voluntarily holding yourself accountable

Success Stories

Anna Villanueva - Integrations Specialist at Leap Dev

Adam's guidance has opened a lot of doors for me in my career life and I also feel more pride and sense of accomplishment as an individual in landing jobs that challenge me and I feel passionate about.

I was in a dead end job in an industry that I wasn't thriving in. I couldn't see any promotions or pay rises in the horizon. I was underpaid and was in a lot of debt. I felt stuck and also felt self doubt, like I had no diverse or original skills to offer employers. With Adam's help, I got out of that rut and had opportunities knocking on my door as a software developer. It helped me get out of financial difficulties. It also made me feel content and fulfilled that I contributed to businesses that help solve real life problems which helps me find meaning.

Within 1 year of working as a junior software developer, I managed to meet my salary in my previous role where I was a senior in an industry and role that had no future. Now, I can say that it helped me land a 70% salary increase and I can see that growing in the future too.

I felt very grateful and fulfilled. My journey wasn't easy, but the guidance I received is second to none.

Angela Mikulasev - Software Developer

I reached out to Adam when I was studying Graphic Design in 2014. I had started learning html and css and wanted to dive into programming, but had no idea where to start. After working through some fundamentals with him, I enrolled in the 3 month Web Developer Immersive course at General Assembly. He continued to be my mentor during and after the course, which allowed me to successfully continue my programming career until today. In the last 6 years, I have progressed from a junior to senior Ruby on Rails developer and have worked for small and large tech companies across Australia.

His mentoring allowed me to successfully negotiate pay rises and progress from a junior to senior Ruby on Rails developer over a 6 year period. Over this time my salary has increased by more than 50%.

Now, I feel so empowered. I've been able to work with a range of companies and clients, learning multiple programming languages along the way such as Ruby, Ember and Elixir. I've also been able to give back to the community by volunteering and organising events such as Rails Girls which provides an introduction to programming and pathways to learn more.

My Story

My journey into programming was rough

Here’s how it started:

I dropped out of a computer engineering degree in part because I struggled with maths (-$7500+, -1 year).

I couldn’t break into the game industry after I had completed a diploma in IT (majoring in game development) because I did not stand out (-$2500+, -2 years).

I hadn’t received a single call from a recruiter even though I was applying for 20-40 entry level programming roles per month (-4 months).

3 years later, down $10,000+ and not a single lead to follow up on - my desperation had turned into despair.

On particularly bad days, I couldn't find enough energy to get out of bed and face the day.

I felt physically and mentally exhausted, even though I knew deep down I wasn't really going anywhere.

I was depressed and I wanted to give up on my dream of becoming a programmer so it wouldn't hurt so much.

And just as I was about to back down, it seemed like my prayers to enter IT were finally answered...

I received ONE interview for an application support technician role.

That interview lead to my first IT job offer.

It felt great, even if it was a side step. And everything got easier from there.

In one year, I was able to prove value and transition internally to a full time programming role.

I had finally made it after 4 years of rejection and failure!

Fast forward some 10 years later - working as a software architect at a high growth SaaS company, I had set out on a mission to sharpen some of my technical skills.

During this time, I was lucky enough to have an incredible opportunity to learn regularly from a database expert.

In one session in particular I felt like I had learnt more in 1 hour about databases than I had learnt in the past year on my own.

The day after that experience, I began to wonder...

What if I had someone to guide me at the start of my journey?

How much time and money could I have saved?

How much pain and misery could I have avoided?

Where would I be now if I had help from someone who had walked further along the same path?!

It was at that moment I felt a powerful calling!

A duty to help others.

It was time for me to leave my role as a software architect and help others break into programming.

Now, I am a code mentor on a mission to help aspiring programmers make a big impact in their personal lives and the world, quickly.

I’ve also found a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in my own life as I’ve come to learn that:

Empowering others to achieve incredible outcomes in record time is one of the most fulfulling feelings in the world!


Practice Ignition Blake Education DealFetch
Practice Ignition Blake Education DealFetch
Software Architect Senior Full Stack Web Developer Co-Founder & CTO
3 years, 4 months 1 year, 5 months 3 years, 3 months

Check out my linked in profile to see the experience I've gained over a decade of programming commercially.


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